Getting Around Portland

getting around sc Getting Around PortlandThe Portland metro area leads the country in light-rail development and boasts the best transit system in the nation. MAX (Metropolitan Area Express) light-rail trains link downtown Portland with outlying areas and the Portland International Airport. TriMet, Portland’s public transportation provider, is committed to decreasing cars on the road and helping preserve the region’s environmental quality and quality of life in general.

Our transit system is a great complement to the bicycling revolution happening in Portland, and commuters have a range of options to consider; including buses, streetcars, old-time trolley cars and the MAX. For schedules and maps, visit TriMet or Portland Streetcar.

getting around bike Getting Around PortlandTops for bicycling! City government’s support for bicyclists is popularizing the sport to a preferred mode of transportation, and Portland features over 260 miles of bike lanes and trails. The U.S. Department of Transportation acknowledges Portland as the No. 1 Bike-Friendly City (March 2011). As well, Bicycling Magazine once again called Portland the best city for bicycling in North America. In 2008 The League of American Bicyclists announced Portland as the first major city in America to be designated as a Platinum-level Bicycle-Friendly Community. And, the entire state of Oregon is ranked 3rd in the nation for being bicycle friendly.

Bicycle directions to NCNM campus.