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The National College of Natural Medicine offers graduate degrees and certificates through the schools of Chinese Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine and Research and Graduate Studies.

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Undergraduate Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science in Integrative Health Sciences

In the Integrative Health Sciences program, the core thread features a variety of complementary and integrative medical topics such as herbal medicine, whole-food nutrition and mind-body medicine. The program features a capstone project in which students will be required to draw on all aspects of the curriculum to develop a final project, research paper or complete an internship.

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition

In the Nutrition program, the core thread focuses on topics such as whole-food nutrition and the connection between diet and disease. The program features a capstone project in which students will be required to draw on all aspects of the curriculum to develop a final project, research paper or complete an internship.

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Graduate Degree Programs

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

NCNM‘s Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine is an intensive four–year doctoral program that trains holistic primary care physicians and prepares candidates for state board licensing examinations and the general practice of naturopathic medicine. Upon graduation, alumni are eligible to sit for board examinations in states and provinces that license naturopathic physicians. The program emphasizes a distinctive approach to health and healing – an approach that considers the whole person when treating specific conditions, one that seeks to diagnose and treat causes wherever possible.
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School of ND

Master of Science in Oriental Medicine

The MSOM program is the most comprehensive training in classical Chinese medicine offered in the US. In this four–year, 226 credit program, students are immersed in the classical foundations of the medicine, receive a holistic education in Western medical sciences, and are trained in the clinical application of the major modalities of Chinese medicine—herbal formulation, acupuncture, moxibustion, bodywork, qigong and nutrition. The curriculum has a strong focus on personal and professional cultivation in order to support the health of the students as they progress through school, as well as to optimize their proficiency as practitioners.
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Master of Science in Integrative Medicine Research

The Master of Science in Integrative Medicine Research (MSiMR) in NCNM’s School of Research and Graduate Studies is designed for those interested in a strong foundation in research and study design in integrative medicine. As the need for evidence–based medicine grows stronger, the demand for research skills in integrative medicine has increased. This program aims to train master’s level researchers, evidence-based clinicians, and clinician researchers by offering courses that cater to multiple career paths.
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Master of Science in Integrative Mental Health

The MSiMH combines integrative medicine and mental health care training for a truly unique, multidisciplinary, and collaborative learning experience. This whole systems approach to mental health provides students with concrete skills in biopsychosocial assessment, evaluation, diagnosis, and integrative and conventional therapies.

Students learn a variety of modalities, including mindfulness-base approaches to counseling and applied psychotherapeutic approaches to healing, by active participation. Additionally, students explore their own psyche, and study how what they learn about themselves shapes their personal identity as a health care professional.
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Master of Science in Nutrition

The Master of Science in Nutrition at NCNM focuses on diets that are based on whole, unprocessed foods. To create a well-rounded curriculum, the program integrates nutritional biochemistry and pathophysiology with advanced clinical nutrition knowledge.

This active-learning curriculum provides a solid foundation in holistic nutrition and food systems, complemented by skill-training in cooking, teaching, and nutritional counseling.
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Master of Science in Global Health

The Master of Science in Global Health is designed for students who desire to understand the complexity of global health challenges and contribute to solutions in a meaningful way.

This unique program combines public health with traditional medicine providing a whole-systems approach to global health. Program coursework investigates multi-disciplinary solutions to complex health issues, emphasizes health disparities and social justice, and offers fieldwork to hone skills locally or internationally.
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NCNM offers certificates in several naturopathic and classical Chinese medicine modalities. To be eligible for consideration, applicants must already be enrolled in a degree program at NCNM, be in good academic standing, and meet the certificate program requirements.

Homeopathic Medicine

The Homeopathy Certificate is open to current naturopathic medicine students, and begins to prepare the recipient to apply for the Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians (HANP) credential after they graduate.

Integrative Mental Health

The Certificate in Integrative Mental Health is designed to provide students with additional training in mental health disorders and psychotherapeutic approaches to healing. Designed for students who want to supplement their current mental health training with some additional coursework in integrative mental health.

Naturopathic Obstetric/Midwife Program

The Naturopathic Obstetrics Certificate program provides the didactic education necessary for a graduate to complete requirements to sit for the American College of Naturopathic Obstetricians (ACNO) licensing examination.

Advanced Studies in Classical Chinese Medicine

This certificate program enables motivated students to delve more deeply into the classical roots of Chinese medicine. It consists of nine Classical Texts courses, Bazi Suanming and two courses in Chinese Cultural Arts – courses that are rarely included in Chinese medicine programs in China or the US.


The Qigong Certificate program is taught in two levels, with each level having a separate admissions screening process. The first level has an academic focus and the second level trains the student to teach his/her own qigong classes.


The Shiatsu Certificate Program consists of six courses (204 hours) taken over two years. It is designed to be pursued concurrently with the MSOM, MAc or ND programs. At the end of the certificate program, students will be fully prepared to use shiatsu as an independent treatment modality.