Admission – Master of Science in Nutrition

Program Overview

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Beginning Summer 2014, NCNM will offer a Master of Science in Nutrition degree. The program focuses on diets that are based on whole, unprocessed foods and integrates nutritional biochemistry and pathophysiology with advanced clinical nutrition knowledge. An active-learning curriculum provides a solid foundation in holistic nutrition and food systems, complemented by skill-training in cooking, teaching, and nutritional counseling.

Admissions Requirements


  • College level Biology (Introductory or general biology) (1 course)
  • College level Math (Algebra or Statistics) (1 course)
  • General Chemistry (1 course)
  • Psychology (Introductory or general psychology) (1 course)
  • General NCNM Admission Requirements


3.0 or higher (strongly recommended)

All candidates must possess a bachelor’s degree or higher from a regionally accredited college or university, or the equivalent (as determined by NCNM) from an institution outside the United States. No specific major is advised though we require a strong preparation in the sciences, and encourage a broad background in the humanities and liberal arts. Prerequisite coursework is used to determine a student’s preparation for the program. Credit will only be given for prerequisite coursework earning a C or better. There is no advantage to holding a BS rather than a BA, as long as you have completed the program’s prerequisites.

Application Materials (Apply online)


How do you intend to use nutrition in your career? (800 words or less)

Personal Statement

Describe your background in nutrition, nutrition-related interests, and your philosophy around nutrition. (800 words or less)


Please include job experience, internships, extracurricular activities, and publications relevant to nutrition.