Tuition & Fees

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ND, MSOM, MScN, MAc, MScGH Tuition

Tuition, book and supply costs for a full–time first year student enrolled in the four–year ND, MSOM, or concurrent programs and the MSiMR, MScN and MScGH programs during the 2014–2015 academic year are estimated as follows:

ND Program
Year 1
MSOM Program
Year 1
MSiMR Program
Year 1
MScN Program
Year 1
MScGH Program
Year 1
Concurrent Programs
Books & Supplies**$1,000$1,000$1,000$1,000$1,000$1,000

*This includes a $4,000 fee for field work experience.
**Per term estimate.
***The total cost for the MSOM program is approximately $84,513


Academic, Lab & Miscellaneous Fees–ND, MSOM, MAc

Download NCNM’s College Catalog for a full schedule of fees.

Change of Track

A change of track requires a signature from the program dean. All change of track requests must be completed by week eight of the quarter prior to the quarter in which the change takes effect.

When a student is accepted into a concurrent (ND/MSOM or ND/MAc) track, no change of track fee will be assessed for the initial change; however, any subsequent changes will be assessed a change of track fee.

Other Expenses

Students are required to purchase textbooks and other personal equipment, as well as basic diagnostic equipment for use in courses and clinic. These costs vary from year to year.