Student Life

The office of student life serves as a point of contact throughout your time at NCNM.  Our mission is to enhance community, maintain tradition, and facilitate communication throughout NCNM.  We advocate for and provide support to students as they train in the art and science of natural medicine.

A few of the services we provide include host orientation, assist clubs and organizations, advise the student government association, provide counseling services, offer professional formation and career services, and coordinate graduation.  We look forward to working with you as a student at NCNM!

Brenda_Levin“Chinese medicine includes the spiritual components that I seek in my own healing and also offers the potential for a lifetime of personal and professional growth. Studying Chinese herbs and formulas provides me the benefit of a greater understanding of Chinese physiology and pathology—which will allow me to better help patients.”

~Brenda Levin, NCNM Classical Chinese Medicine Program and Nutrition Program

Cory_Szbala“When I first heard about NCNM I was skeptical, but soon realized that naturopathic medicine and the ND program were exactly what I had been looking for: true preventive primary care. I am passionate about integrating natural medicine, including botanicals, into the primary care model.”

~Cory Szybala, NCNM Naturopathic Medicine Program

Caitlen_Readhead“After going to a naturopathic doctor, I became interested in the mind-body connection and treating the whole person. I looked into NCNM’s degree programs and they were almost too perfect a fit! This education has opened the doors to many career opportunities. I also appreciate the sense of caring and enthusiasm among students and faculty.”

~Caitlan Readhead, NCNM Naturopathic Medicine Program, Integrative Medicine Research and Nutrition Program